About Verahomes

Vera homes was born in 2013, aiming to offering easy but high value tourist accommodations in Lake Garda area. We slightly anticipated the trend which exploded shortly afterwards on a global scale – The Airbnb phenomenon they call it.

The cornerstones of our work have always been: careful selection of properties, complete set-up in line with travelers’ tastes, advertising positioning, attentive and accurate complementary services such as the obsessive cleaning to which we dedicate maximum attention.

Thanks to our experience we can offer to the owners realistic and guaranteed earnings, and a correct and responsible use of the properties.

Veronica Cortinovis

Real estate agent since 2001, building manager since 2003,  traveler from a lifetime. In Verahomes I can match my two passions, offering hospitality to tourists from all over the world and reliability nad gains to property owners.

Since 2018, Ms Loredana Leali has joined me, with responsibility for the management of staff and supplies, and many more seasonal workers which we always thank for their help and dedication.

Target placement

Selection the properties, which will be offered to the turists with a dynamic management for the best profitability.
Refurbishment directions if requested.

Properties' care

Our team has professional and experienced workers,
who will take care of properties
in every aspect.


Our office replies to every single
request with a personal and
warm attitude,
for happy and satisfied guests.


Payments are collected in advance and we arrange damage deposits.
Various agreement possibilites for owners.

Administrative requirements

Check-ins, guests enrollment,
tourist tax collection,
yearly tax declarations etc.
We take care of everything.


Your property always available.
0% risk of non-payment.
Constant and accurate maintenance.
Guaranteed profitability.

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